On editing, handling criticism, and creating memorable characters


1. Harrison Demchick on the inconsistencies to watch out for in your novel: Four Logic Problems that Will Ruin Your Day (and Your Manuscript)

2. Eventually someone will criticize your writing. Here’s how to handle it: Surviving Criticism without Losing Confidence in Your Writing

3. What you should cut from your novel: Pruning Your Novel

4. Why not all characters need to be likable: Writing the Unlikable Character (and Why You Should)

5. Memorable characters are key to a great story. Jody Hedlund offers 6 tips to make characters stand out in a crowd

6. If you love worldbuilding like I do, you’ll love this post: Worldbuilding Lessons from History: Part Two

7. Now for something lighthearted: The Oatmeal’s reminder to be careful of homophones.



Background image from Flickr user M Yashna, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License



This week’s flash fiction writing prompt is “Fire Spirit” by Deviant Art user thiago-almeida. See the full-size image and more of thiago-almeida‘s awesome characters at the link!

Did you use the prompt? Send us the link (quillandspire@gmail.com). Our favourites will be featured in the next issue.

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