On telling instead of showing, the question you should be asking, and the true purpose of dialogue


1. Create a compelling character by focusing on how they answer questions: How Does Your Character Answer Questions?

2. Why you’re probably asking the wrong questions when figuring out your novel…and what question you should be asking instead: Overcome Your Book Doubts By Asking WHY

3. The true purpose of dialogue and the elements of good dialogue: Let’s Talk about Dialogue 

4. You always hear that it’s better to show than to tell. But sometimes that’s not true: 5 situations where it’s better to tell than show in your fiction

5. Are there guns in your story? Chuck Dixon debunks common gun mistakes writers make: Stupid Gun Mistakes EVERY Writer Makes

6. Looking to start a blog? Anne R. Allen has tips for creating a sustainable author blog: How to Create a Blog that Can Grow With Your Career



Image from Flickr user Mark Dixon, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License



When the volcano erupted, the tree spirits emerged…

This week’s flash fiction writing prompt is “By the Banyan Tree” by Deviant Art user Altalamatox. See the full-size image and more of Altalamatox’s awesome work at the link!

Did you use the prompt? Send us the link (quillandspire@gmail.com). Our favourites will be featured in the next issue.

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