On themes, motifs, and being willing to learn


1. If you have a story idea and a character, but nothing else, Art Holcomb has an easy and fun system to help you flesh out your idea:  An Easy Approach to Story Building : The Bedtime Story Model

2. Why writing a compelling theme means asking a question and exploring more than one answer: Want a Powerful Theme for Your Novel? Play Devil’s Advocate!

3. Have you ever been told to “write what you know”? Tamara Girardi and Jodi Picoult on why you should   write what you want to learn instead: Write What You’re Willing To Learn

4. Why success never comes easy; you have to fight for it every step of the way: The Wake-Up Call: What it Means to Be A Self-Published Writer

5. What are motifs and how to use them to strength your novel: Motifs for Cohesion and Depth

6. For fantasy writers who are tired of swords: Medieval Blunt Weaponry – A Primer for Writers



Image from Flickr user Zach Dischner, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License


The old man weaves the night to cover their escape…

This week our prompt is by DeviantArt user Vimark. View the beautiful image here.

Did you use the prompt? Send us the link (quillandspire@gmail.com). Our favourites will be linked to in the next issue.

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